Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Connor - Concept Package in Progress

Been working on this character for awhile, so I already have a lot of artwork to show. Of course, I appreciate any feedback or suggestions that you have for him. 

To explain his character and my intentions, he's a very soft-spoken fella who will dutifully do the right thing but lacks a great deal of courage. He's basically mute and only talks when he really has to. Before he was "chosen" to save Daventry, he was a dutiful blacksmith. Sometimes he'd yearn for adventure and wonder what it would be like to work as a brave knight, but the thought of venturing into danger would also intimidate him too much. So for the most part he's content with his simple role. 

Thumbnails and Early Exploration

Final Direction
Color Comps

Value Study and current progress on painting 

Brooklyn — Thumbnail Ideas


Markie Nelson