Monday, March 7, 2016

Abigail Grigg - Concept Package

I know I posted most of this already, but I'll do it again to make it easier for Justin.

All of the artwork that I made for my Connor

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  1. Good overall design for the character. Definitely looks like some kind of Guard/Paladin/Royal-Retainer/Protector etc. Gotta say I love the facial expressions. Most excellent. Shape language on the body is very good with the broad shoulders and trim waist. The color scheme you've chosen seems appropriate. The primary color gray really helps the secondary and tertiary colors to pop. An alternate color pallet that I think works well is the bottom left which uses more de-saturated colors. You know your character better so you know which one best fits Connor's personality/social standing. The 2nd from the left on the top row feels a bit more common, like a standard city guard. The bottom left with the whiter armor feels more prestigious, like a temple/palace guard.

    Honestly, the only suggestion I can think of is on the final color rendering it would probably be good to bring his left arm out just a bit so we can see his hand.

    Awesome work!