Friday, April 1, 2016

3D Coat Stuff

3D coat has some great features and is fantastic for painting directly on your model. here's a brief video showing off what 3D coat can do!

I'm not sure if we should post the license key on the internet, so email either Justin or myself and we can get you the license key.

If you log in on a different computer you will need to re-enter the code. 
for touching up seams or just doing some basic painting in 3D coat do the following:
1. export your mesh from Maya as an .FBX or .OBJ
2. open 3D Coat and input the license key
3. select the option to "paint UV mapped Mesh (per pixel)"

4. navigate to your FBX or OBJ file, and import it.
5. for the options UV map typing keep it as "keep UV", and UV set smoothing as "no smoothing". Also near the bottom you can specify Texture dimensions, check to make sure they are the same as your pre-existing texture size, or your desired texture size if you have yet to texture. and hit "OK". the top near the middle are 3 colored spheres along the tool bar. the left one affects the normals of your object, the middle one affects color and the right one reflections/glossiness. if you click one of the sphere it will turn off that aspect on your brush. in this case, turn off the right and left ones, leaving the middle green sphere.
7. you can now paint on your object. there's some color boxes similar to photoshop in the top left, and brush alphas to the top right. below that is a window pane of materials, with a tab labeled "texture editor", that will show you your texture map as you paint. (you can also paint directly on that if you wish) the color picker hotkey should be set to the "V" key
8. when you are done and would like to export your new shiny texture go to the menu "Textures > Export > Color/Albedo Map".

And that should be all you need to know for basic color texturing in 3D Coat.

For more information and tutorials on 3D Coat Visit their Youtube page here!

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